Our Fees

Here at Hadley Trading Solutions we pride ourselves on delivering low fees and good customer experience. We charge a base fee of $20 and then a percentage of the total order value. To ease the fee’s on higher value orders we lower the percentage we charge so you can enjoy your fair share.

Link to our fee calculator (currently only works on for windows users with Microsoft Excel)

Fees are as follows:

  • For purchase/sale orders between $500 and $4,999 we charge 2.5% + $20
  • For purchase/sale orders between $5,000 and $9,999 we charge 2.25% + $20
  • For purchase/sale orders between $10,000 and $19,999 we charge 2.0% + $20
  • For purchase/sale orders between $20,000 and $99,999 we charge 1.75% +$20
  • For purchase/sale orders above $100,000 we charge 1.5%

Unfortunately when it comes to purchasing and selling crypto there are unavoidable third party fees. These fees come in the form of trading fees, deposit fees and withdrawal fees. Through some ingenious workarounds and relentless research, we have been able to devise a way for you to only pay 0.6% in these fees.  Since there aren’t too many reliable Australian exchanges out there, they get to have it all their own way with exceptionally high fees and the uninitiated usual pay upwards of 3%!!!!

How we avoid these excruciating fees is our little secret but don’t worry its nothing nefarious. We take compliance with the AML/CTF laws very seriously, and let’s face it, we all know how the tax man treats those who try to find that ubiquitous back door. 

We have a downloadable fee calculator enabling you to know exactly how much you’ll be paying in fees. To keep everything transparent we send you an invoice that details all third party fees you have paid together with the executable price of your crypto upon the completion of your order.

One thing to note with fees, we at HTS are happy to pay for the formal and necessary personal identification to meet government regulations, however, should you fluff it the first time and require a second, or heaven forbid, even a third attempt to identify yourself unfortunately you will find these additional fees added to your invoice. These again are third party fees that we will disclose at invoice.